Black Friday Cat GPS Tracker Deals 2021 | Top 10 Best Cat GPS Tracker

Black Friday Cat GPS Tracker Deals 2021: The peace of mind that GPS updates can bring is evident if you have ever used Find my Friends. Today, you can track your cat in the same way thanks to advances in GPS technology: get a cat GPS tracker.

Pet owners have lost track of their furry friends more than 15% of the time, according to a recent survey by the American Kennel Club. Considering these statistics, it becomes imperative that you know your pet’s location at all times.

A GPS tracker could be the perfect solution for an outdoor cat who likes to frolic far and wide. Pet owners can monitor the location of their pets with these handy devices, which are attached to their cat’s collars.

We’ve compiled a buying guide to help you find the best black friday GPS deals for cats. Listed below, we take a look at the top 10 options available on the market right now, before answering some commonly asked questions.

Black Friday Cat GPS Tracker Deals 2021

1. Whistle Go Explore

This is the new and enhanced version of the Whistle Go tracker, which we previously featured. The Whistle team has redesigned its tracker with improvements that will fine-tune its look, its effectiveness, and its reliability. Starting with the fact that the new version comes in three colors, the device will be perfect for everyone!

In addition, Whistle improved its battery life, increasing it from 7 days to 20 days, saving you the hassle of worrying about replacing batteries, as well as saving you money.

However, perhaps the most notable improvement is the addition of a safety night light attached to the collar, which makes it easier to find your pet in the dark.

It does require a subscription, but it has a whole host of highly convenient features, including safety zones, activity monitors, and an advanced GPS to find your vehicle quickly and accurately.

Key Features

  • Monthly subscription required, with 1-year and 2-year plans available.
  • Available in three colors.
  • Real-time location tracking with unlimited range using Google maps.
  • Designated safety zones can be made with an alert if your cat leaves it.
  • Activity and health tracking service included in Whistle app.
  • Battery life of 20 days.
  • Three safety night light settings to choose from.
  • Access to on-demand expert veterinarian chat services.


  1. Brand: Whistle
  2. Model: 100-04201-00
  3. Weight: 0.96 ounces

2. CAT TAILER Waterproof Bluetooth Cat Tracker

As compared to other GPS trackers in the Bluetooth range, the Cat Tailer Bluetooth Tracker is one of the better options.

The design of this particular system can track multiple pets simultaneously, especially since it supports multiple pets. Using the sort option on your main screen, you can see which cat is closest at a glance.

Taking advantage of its Bluetooth design, this cat tracker allows you to track an indoor cat’s location for up to 328 feet, which is great if you’re worried that they may have gotten out, which is a constant concern for indoor cat owners.

With such a limited range, you may have trouble monitoring your outdoor cat. In order to demonstrate their confidence in this product, Cat Tailer offers a free 1-year warranty.


  • Up to 328 feet of range within line of sight.
  • Cat Tailer Support provides one-on-one advice.
  • Free one-year warranty as part of the satisfaction guarantee.
  • App provides approximate distance in feet and battery tracker.
  • Notifications are available for when kitty is nearby.
  • Capable of live tracking multiple pets at once.


  1. Brand: Cat Tailer
  2. Weight: 0.28 Ounces

3. Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Tracker

Since Tile Mate is technically designed for inanimate objects, such as bags and wallets, it is not your typical GPS tracker for cats. Although it is a pet tracker, because of its streamlined, lightweight, tag-like design, it is the ideal choice for cats of any size and shape.

This cat tracker was made specifically to be smooth and easy for your cat to carry, and it does exactly that.

An Amazon Alex, Google Assistant, Siri, or Xfinity tracker can be connected to this Bluetooth tracker. Using Tile Mate, you can also know where your cat was last seen before they left your phone range, so you can begin locating them.

You can unlock the notifications when your cat is out of range with an optional $2.99 monthly fee.


  • Meant for keys for works as a great cat tracker.
  • Ring the tracker via the app if your cat is within 200ft and doesn’t respond.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Xfinity, and Siri.
  • Tile Mate app provides the last known location if kitty goes out of range.
  • $2.99 monthly fees unlock additional features.
  • Additional features include a notification when your cat goes out of range.
  • 1-year battery life with replaceable batteries.


  • Brand: Tile Mate
  • Model: RE-19004
  • Weight: 2.13 ounces

4. Tracki 2021 Mini Real Time GPS Tracker

Following feedback from customers, Tracki improved the design of the mini GPS tracker in its 2021 model.

The monthly fee for this GPS tracker is $19.95 as normal, but it can be cheaper if a long-term plan is chosen. With a wide range of features and an unlimited GPS signal, this is one of the best cat GPS tracker options available.

The monthly fee covers the cost of using the SIM with the included data plan as well as any additional features available through the app. It is possible to track your pet’s past movements with Tracki’s mini cat GPS tracker.

Customer reviews indicate that this tracker is particularly popular with cat owners. The module’s battery life can be extended because of its quick response time, precision, and various location check-in options.


  • 2021 new and improved design with SIM included.
  • Real-time tracking with unlimited range.
  • Full coverage of all countries including the U.S.
  • Monthly fee of $19.95 or cheaper pre-paid long-term plans available.
  • Especially small and lightweight design.
  • 2-3 day rechargeable battery life.
  • Package includes a strong magnet, Belt clip, Key-chain, and lanyard.
  • Ability to designate geo-fence zones, with smart alerts when your cat leaves the area.


  • Brand: Tracki
  • Model: TRKM010A
  • Weight: 1.26 ounces

5. Tractive Dog & Cat GPS Tracker

Over 150 countries have been tested to ensure the Tractive GPS and activity tracker will work, so you can take it on vacation with you and not worry that you’re losing signals.

As well as monitoring your cat’s location and providing you with its history throughout the day, this device also monitors its health. Monitoring your cat’s activity levels, calories burned, and rest periods will help you figure out whether or not you are helping your little feline friend stay healthy.

With a Tractive cat tracker subscription, you will be able to use all the details and extremely helpful features for just $4.99 per month with a 5-year plan. Data usage is covered by the monthly subscription fee. You can download Tractive for Android and iOS devices, and the app is intuitive and easy to use.

You can also set up a safety boundary that alerts you if your cat wanders too far from home using the app, which provides clear instructions on how to make the most of your Tractive GPS cat tracker.


  • Location history and live tracking available.
  • Create a virtual fence to mark out a safety area.
  • Activity monitor helps you to monitor your cat’s fitness levels.
  • Made to work in over 150 countries.
  • Tractive app available for Andoid and iOS.
  • Subscription-based service $4.99 a month with a 5-year plan.
  • SIM card provided with the tracking device.


  • Brand: Tractive
  • Model: TRNJA4
  • Weight: 1.28 ounces

6. Jiobit Smallest Real-Time Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

There is no doubt that Jiobit’s GPS pet trackers are among the simplest to use. As shameful as skipping stones are, this is definitely not one to throw across water.

The tracking feature can only be used when you have a SIM card and plan that allows the device access to satellite signals. After you have downloaded and installed the Jiobit app on iOS and Android, you will have unlimited tracking access.

As a result of its many great features, Jiobit is an extremely useful and effective tool. Safe spaces can be created. As well as setting boundaries around your house, you should also set safe spaces in other places. You can simply create multiple small safe zones that cover the neighbors instead of creating one giant safe zone, especially if you know your cat likes to visit them.

Because this tracking system is shock-proof and waterproof, it exceeds government security and encryption standards, which ensures that only the location feed you receive belongs to your cat.


  • A data plan is required for tracking.
  • Exceeds US government standards for encryption and security.
  • Slimline, discreet, lightweight design.
  • Arrival notifications for to-and-from the house.
  • Various attachments to fit any type of collar or harness.
  • Durable built which is waterproof & shock-proof.


  • Brand: TrackR
  • Model: TB001
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces

7. Girafus Cat Tracker

Our experience with Girafus’ cat tracker is also good. To find your furry friend, the device uses radio frequency (RF) technology rather than GPS. A cat who tends to stay close to home will find it a perfect choice. Your cat can be found at a distance of up to 1,600 feet using the tracker, and he or she can be located with impressive accuracy.

Even hard-to-reach places like garages, neighbors’ homes, or bush can be pinpointed by this type of tracking, which is significantly more accurate than GPS systems. With these dogs trackers, your pet will wear a compact collar tag, which can be attached to the collar, and a handheld device.

The handset will detect the distance and direction of your pet based on audio-visual cues. It doesn’t take long for you to zero in on your kitty using this simple feedback method. Batteries are easy to find and last for 30 days, which are used to power the tracking module.


  • Includes module for cats and handset.
  • Lightweight and durable tracking module can be connected to your cat’s collar.
  • Girafus Cat Tracker runs on AAA Batteries.
  • Batteries need only be replaced every 30 days.
  • Wide 1,600 feet of range.
  • More accurate than GPS.
  • Handset provides audio-visual clues about how far away your cat is and in which direction.


  1. Brand: Girafus
  2. Model: 227PA2
  3. Weight: 0.16 ounces

8. FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

Even though FitBark is designed for cats, it doesn’t matter whether the device is specifically designed for cats. GPS pet trackers should be evaluated based on their location accuracy and durability.

Trackers must be trusted to always provide accurate information about your feline friend’s location. The waterproof module and unlimited range of FitBark make it one of the best cat GPS trackers around.

Unlike other cat trackers with extremely short battery lives, the FitBark GPS tracker is battery-operated for 10 days, so you will only need to charge it once every week. Unlike Bluetooth or RF trackers, you can locate your cat much faster with unlimited range because the signal is never disrupted unless the cat goes underground.

In addition to the fitness tracking capabilities, the FitBark tracker allows you to become familiar with your cat’s routine and set fitness goals specifically tailored to their size, breed, and age.


  • Health tracking; sleep, calories, anxiety, distance traveled, skin condition, etc.
  • Fitness goals can be tailored to a cat’s breed, age, and weight.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cats.
  • Unlimited range with waterproof casing.
  • Can be linked to Fitbit, Apple HealthKit, Apple Watch, Google Fit, and smartphone.
  • Create safe spaces and be alerted if your cat leaves them.
  • Typical battery life of 10 days.


  • Brand: FitBark
  • Model: 7001025
  • Weight: 0.6 Ounces

9. PetFon 2 Pet GPS Tracker

A GPS cat tracker from PetFon requires no data plans, SIM cards, or subscription fees, and is light and easy to use. For cats that prefer to be around their family, a simple transmitter and receiver will do the trick. With these particular trackers, you cannot rely on full GPS (with a SIM card), so the range is between 0.65 -3.5 miles. It may not be the best choice if you have a kitty that does not want to venture far beyond a couple of streets.

With PetFon, an accurate location for your cat can be obtained through the use of WiFi, Bluetooth, and phone signals. The flexible strap mounted to the module makes it easy to attach it to your pet’s collar and cat harness.

If your cat enjoys exploring the outdoors, they can stay outside for up to 16 hours with this device! You can turn on the in-built smart LED light to make it easier to spot them in the evenings when it’s time to go inside if you have trouble seeing them.


  • No monthly subscription fee or SIM requirement.
  • Combines GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and long-distance wireless for accuracy.
  • Free Petfon smartphone app provides clear instructions for use.
  • Tracking ranges between 0.65 -3.5 miles depending on environment.
  • Lights can be remotely activated on module for low light conditions.
  • Battery 8-16 hours with a compact charging station.
  • Tracking module is sturdy, water-resistant, and dirt-resistant.


  1. Brand: Petfon
  2. Weight: 1.11 Pounds

10. BARTUN LTE GPS Cat Tracker

Runaway cats can be kept under close watch using Bartun’s GPS device. A cellular network provides limitless range to the tracking system, but a SIM card is required and a data plan is necessary.

Therefore, even if your cat enjoys walking far and wide to distant lands, you can still track them to within meters of their exact location regardless of how far they go. To add even more security, with the app you can set up a digital boundary that will alert you if your cat crosses one line and leaves the safe zone.

There really isn’t any better GPS tracker for cats when it comes to its ergonomic design, lightweight module, smart LED light, and reliability.

With this tracker, you can not only monitor your cat’s location in real time, but also keep track of the movements of your cat over time so you can discover how your cat spends the day. Even better, you can monitor their fitness levels so you can cater meals and exercises to their needs.


  • View your cat’s location history and real-time whereabouts.
  • Available in two colors with adjustable collar.
  • Smart LED light and ringtones to help find lost pets faster.
  • Position updates once every ten minutes.
  • Small, lightweight, ergonomic module design.
  • Health, fitness, and activity monitor.
  • Form a safety boundary via the app and be notified if your cat roams beyond it.


  1. Brand: BARTUN
  2. Weight: 4.66 Ounces


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