Black Friday Truck GPS Deals 2021 – Top 5 Best Truck Gps Deals

Black Friday Truck GPS Deals 2021: The GPS system is used by many vehicle owners when they travel long distances. Although several differences exist between the devices made for owners of automobiles and those designed for commercial vehicles.

The best truck GPS systems provide many benefits to independent drivers and fleet owners. Automobile devices cannot meet the navigation requirements of trucks, unlike motor vehicles. In addition to providing unbiased user reviews, this website provides an in-depth analysis of every truck GPS unit currently available.

Black Friday Truck GPS Deals 2021

Detailed Mapping

There are several mapping systems that provide truckers with the most accurate routes when they enter starting and destination information, such as Fleetmatics, Google Maps and Rand McNally. Several tracking systems also enable drivers to zoom into street level images for a 3-dimensional view of roads and streets.

Also included in these features are turn-by-turn directions and street names verbatim. Additionally, some systems provide rerouting information if the driver misses a turn.

The GPS unit estimates fuel costs for a trip after determining the detailed truck route. A driver can plan routes that will include several stops or keep track of the preferred route of every driver with these devices.

Traffic Alerts

Traffic accident locations, road construction sites, detours, and other situations due to traffic accidents are continuously updated in navigation systems, which makes sure that drivers receive the most current information. Also, trucks-specific units can tell you which roads have sharp curves, steep inclines, or narrow shoulders.

In road alerts, drivers can find out about the locations and costs of toll roads. When traveling on complex highways, some devices have lane assist capabilities that display the correct lane needed. By doing this, they are ready for turns and exits in advance. Weather-related data is also commonly included, which provides current forecasts as well as local road conditions.

Using Approved Roadways

GPS navigation devices in automotive vehicles provide maps and software that show the shortest and fastest routes between destinations. Trucks on many roads throughout the country are restricted by their height, weight, and length.

This information is used to plan truck routes by GPS systems. Software handles the rest for owners of commercial trucks and fleets after they enter the specifics of their particular vehicles. Therefore, trucks are less likely to encounter low bridges and dangerous loads, heights, widths, or weight restrictions on roads.

The GPS can be removed from many systems and used in different vehicles, so that it can be used in multiple trucks at the same time.

Driver Assist Features

There are points of interest that are specific to trucks on GPS systems designed specifically for commercial vehicles. In addition to providing information about truck stops, weigh stations, eateries, lodging, rest stops, and other services, the guide offers specific information while driving towards or entering a certain geographical location.

The “Where do I go?” guide provides GPS coordinates of the current location as well as addresses and contact information for health care facilities, law enforcement agencies, and other emergency services.

Trip Logging

IFTA fuel data and hours of service are monitored by automated electronic logs that record driving status, sleep hours, meal breaks, off-duty time, and mileage.

Multiple drivers of a vehicle can also keep logs on the GPS, and these can then be exported after each trip.

Conserving fuel.

Fuel prices in each location are listed in point of interest directories for truckers to view while driving. They have then a heads-up on where to make their most cost-effective fuel stops along the way.

Using GPS technology for trucks to monitor engine idling times, raise awareness of excessive speeding, and track routine maintenance helps owners save money on fuel.

Furthermore, truck trips can be monitored and route deviations controlled using these systems. Furthermore, fleet managers can locate trucks that are closest to a specific job or delivery location so they can provide drivers with more efficient routes.

Effective Fleet Management

Managers can track the positions of trucks as well as their start and stop times through a fleet base station. As well as improving customer service, managers can also provide clients with time estimates for delivery or pickup via pre-determined routes.

With fleet management systems, companies can better track drivers’ behavior and reliability. When trucking companies invest in expensive vehicles, security features alert them 24 hours a day if thefts are detected. Whenever trucks enter, leave or move, owners are notified. They can also monitor moving vehicles in real time.


The presence of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi allows drivers to talk hands-free while remaining aware of the road with the help of microphones and speakers. Connecting a camera, DVD player, smartphone, or another mobile device to the audio/visual input port is easier than ever.


There are many different types of truck GPS units, with 6- to 8-inch displays that are available in full color. Permanently installed devices can be mounted on the dashboard or in close proximity to the driving position.

For use in a new vehicle or for safe storage, some models are easily removable from installed stands. Depending on a system, drivers can enter road updates and tips on individual maps.

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Take Time to Research

Research truck GPS reviews before buying a costly unit and ensure it meets your needs before spending hundreds of dollars on it.

Depending on the unit, there may be vehicle size restrictions, subscription requirements, or features that are not suitable for your specific needs as a driver or enterprise. Take a look at what current customers have to say.

A user review provides a wealth of helpful information as well as insight into how a model performs. Additionally, GPS owners should be aware of the regulations and restrictions that some states have regarding the devices.